Cemetery Whisperings

Covington is fortunate to not only have a rich history of pioneers and community leaders over the past 205 years, but many of those key personalities are buried in Cemetery No. 1, which is located on the northern edge of the downtown area. 

Residents of Covington have been diligent about maintaining its cemetery and remembering those who have gone before. In fact, in 1994, community historians got together to put on a presentation of the history of Covington on an unusual stage, that being within the fences of the Covington Cemetery. 

Several residents talented in the theater arts volunteered to portray a number of prominent Covington pioneers and their families. It was dramatic, poignant, and a powerful way to make history "come alive," in the middle of a cemetery

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Pat Clanton and Carol Jahncke introduced the idea of the "Whisperings of the Past" cemetery production, bringing together the many people who would help make it happen, particularly the actors. They met under the large oaks on the city hall grounds planning for the presentation. She played the part of her great grandmother from Ireland.

 "The event was a huge success, and I can remember that it closed with someone in the cemetery playing 'taps.' It was dusk and a full silver moon was rising," Mrs. Clanton recalled. "It was a sight I will never forget."

 In 1988, an earlier Cemetery Tour was part of the city's 175th anniversary program.

And from another performance year...

Way back in 1926...
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