Carol's Corner Bookstore

In 1973 Carol Harrison Jahncke delighted area residents with a series of articles featuring Covington houses that talk, giving their history in an imaginary conversation. It covered many buildings in the downtown Covington area. 

Carol Jahncke

The following article dealt with the building which housed her bookstore at the time, Carol's Corner Bookstore. It was located in the middle of the block on Lockwood Street, between New Hampshire and Columbia. 

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Later on, she moved her bookstore to Florida Street. Her bookstore had everything a bookstore person could want: books, maps, paperbacks, even some postcards. In fact, there was so much variety, I asked her if I could draw a "map" of the store. 

The map that resulted is pictured below. Just looking at it makes me wish it was still in business, and I could go there and check out what is new. Click on the image to make it larger. 

Carol's efforts even included puppet shows, based on either her own writings for children (she published several books) or books that were available at her bookstore. Putting together a traveling puppet show takes a lot of planning, effort, and dedication, but these ladies in 1972 did just that and more. Children all over Covington enjoyed their performances and music. 
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The same group went on to hold "teddy bear parties" and other gatherings to promote the joy of reading books among young people.