Bike Race Held in Downtown Covington

 The streets of downtown Covington were the location for the 50th Annual Tour De Louisiane Bike Race on Sunday, June 6. This year's event benefited the Northshore Humane Society, and a special dog parade was held as part of the program.

Here are some pictures from the race.  Click on the images to make them larger. 

The Covington Trailhead was a favored viewing spot

Mayor Mark Johnson welcomed the racers to Covington
Mayor Mark gives the riders the go-ahead for the parade round

The starting line was in front of the Covington Train Depot

Interviewing the winners

Baldwin Motors Subaru provided the lead car in the parade round, before the actual race

It was a rainy, muggy day, but the rain held off for the most part.




This was the 50th annual bike race. Twenty five years ago....

  To read about the history of the "Tour de Louisiane," CLICK HERE to go to a page on the New Orleans Bicycle Club website.

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